Learner Should Be Developing Their Own Essential Questions

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In my classroom I created one board and wanted to have my students put their questions about the new unit on it. I have not used it yet because I was wondering how can I help my students to think more deeply about their questions and connect what they learn to real life. I was thinking how could I do that? I was inspired when I read the blog on the flipboard magazine about how to help learners develop their own essential questions.




5 thoughts on “Learner Should Be Developing Their Own Essential Questions

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful visual. Students creating their own questions is such a powerful way for them to feel ownership of their learning. I wonder how you will use these questions to guide teaching and learning in your classes? Have you ever tried sorting questions like in these photographs?
    I really enjoyed this post Theany and it has made me reflect on how we can develop connections between classroom inquiry and what children are doing in FL classes.

  2. Theany, Thanks for your post. I think that it is a great idea at the beginning of a new unit as it helps us to really understand students needs and interest. Also, it makes me thinking about tools given by Kath Murdoch.

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