Monthly Archives: January 2017

1% rule – How to promote internet participation in the classroom

The 1% rule of thumb for Internet participation has been around for a while but it is as important as ever. The rule point to a trend that only about 1% of the Internet user are responsible for actually creating content, about 9% participate and the other 90% are users that just lurk. I am sure this number could be increased slightly today because YouTube and other Web2.0 sites have helped us to more easily participate. But there is still a long way to go to fulfil the vision of a Internet where everyone is a contributor. I do think the start of this change should be in the classroom.

First I think schools need to become better at explaining why being an contributor on Internet is important and the kind of threats that Internet has been under throughout it’s history. The internet plays such a huge role in our lives yet it’s still an area which is pretty much untouched in schools. Is the history being thought? How does it work? Why is it important to protect? These things are not being addressed in schools at the moment.