Learning your 2nd language through gaming


World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft

I recently read this article in Engadget based around Dr. Liss Kerstin Sylvén from the University of Gothenburg and Dr. Pia Sundqvist from Karlstad University research about the positive impact multiplayer games can have on learning language. Most of the English that I know today comes from thousands and thousands of hours of playing online games and there is no way that I would have become an International teacher if not for this experience. So these findings are not new to me, but people I talk to still  seems unaware that a big portion of the language learning that our students do stem from online gaming.

A key to language learning where ever it take place is of course motivation. What am I going to use this new language for? Why do I have to learn it? Gaming is good in that way that it gives the players a huge motivation to learn and understand the game and the players around them. Because if they don’t it’s going to be hard for them to actually part take fully in the game, and the players know it.

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