Happy birthday!!!

Tim Berners-Lee, CC
Tim Berners-Lee, CC

The 25th Internaut day was just a few days ago. This means it was merely 25 years ago since Tim Berners-Lee made his own little project the World Wide Web open to the public, and forever changed the world. It’s significance on how we communicate and learn can not be overstated. His visions of an open Internet, where information flows freely and where everyone is not only a user but also a participator, not only made WWW possible but also put it onto the right track to become a Internet that is for everyone.

I don’t think many people these days really understand how Internet could have taken a completely different path, a path where words like connectivism would not even exist. Blogs, Wikis, Google, Facebook and YouTube are all example things most likely would not exist if the Web would have been created with business in mind. The fact that it was created in a language that everyone could quickly master made this possible, HTML. This fact have had a profound impact on how we learn new things. These days if I face a problem I rarely think it’s impossible not to do, as long as I have time and Internet I can tackle almost any problem. And the same thing is true for our students, perhaps specially them because they areĀ Internet natives. But much is still needed to be done in curriculums and classroom around the world to better accommodate this change in the teachings we do. With the 25th anniversary just passing I think it’s high time for things to start changing, Internet is not a new thing anymore and our education should try to get up to speed with these changes.


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