Supporting Students With Autism Disorsders

Last year, before beginning to teach PYP, I received an email from a teacher telling me that I will have a Grade 2 students in my class with special needs. This student had autism disorders. Honestly, I was quite astonished and puzzled. It was the first time ever I would teach one student having this kind of special needs. I read quite a lot to be more aware and to be able to give my utmost to my lovely student, Rosie.

After reading a great article on SPELTAC: “Ways to support ells with special needs” (, I wanted to share to resources in English and merely in French language that I found on the Internet and thanks to the librarian at the Montpellier hospital.
But, before, I wanted to let you know one fact that shocked me: in Cambodian language, there is not even 1 word for autism. Read this article to understand how the autistic persons are viewed by the local population because of a lack of awareness:
In Phnom Penh, there are only 2 schools that support kids having these disorders:

  1. Free training online in French language:–vie-sensorielle-et-vie-pratique.html :

2. Some handy and meaningful resources in French langue :

  • Organising the time and the environment:
  • Modeling and differentiating the learners paths:

3. PD in NZ and in Australia:

To my point of view, Australia and New Zealand are wellhead than France/Belgium/Switzerland (besides their training for ABA approach) So, if you are interested in this topic and you can apply for a PD, here is some of their programs:

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