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SPELTAC has really got me rethinking literacy and language learning. If one role of a PYP library is to support literacy, then it makes sense to have a clearer picture of what literacy looks like for learners at ISPP and how I can best support their learning.

Reading more from Silvia Tolisano as she presents her idea of ‘now’ literacies I am struck by how little this reflects a regular day in our library. The literacies that challenge students (and teachers) beyond basic reading and writing, and yet will most benefit ‘fluency’ in their learning journey are highlighted below in Silvia’s poster. Take a look, can you name them?



SPELTAC may be just one way to increase my own fluency in the ‘now’ literacies and change the way I foster them in our learners. How about yours?

5 thoughts on “Being Literate”

  1. Love this post, thanks Rachel. Like you, I think if we value our learners, we should also consider what literacies they need now and in the future. I’m hoping we can create an inquiry group into the ‘now’ literacies and how we are addressing these in the school. We all need to get on that wagon and I’m hoping being a connected learner ourselves will make us realize the value of it for our students. So glad to have you on board. This is the second initiative you have mentioned that has made me think that!!

  2. Rachel, your post really made want to inquire more into ‘now’ literacies and how I can integrate these into daily classroom learning. Thanks for sparking my curiosity! Would be very interested in being part of this inquiry group.

  3. Hi Rachael,
    Literacies is what fascinated me the most during a study course I had taken a few years ago. As I embarked on the journey for better understanding I found it as exciting as falling down a rabbit hole with Alice 🙂 and finding something new and interesting behind every adventurous door (tab). The following link will have you locked in for hours of insightful learning and without a doubt lots to use in the classroom.
    Have fun!

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