The Power of Visible Thinking

As my grade 5 students navigate the PYP rite of passage of Exhibition, they continually reaffirm to me the power of belief in the self, goal setting, self reflection, and visible thinking routines. My students’ steps have proven to be leaps toward a deeper understanding of the inquiry process. ┬áTheir carefully crafted thoughts will continue to remind everyone where we were and where we’re going. One student firmly stated as she furiously jotted down her speculations, “Well, Miss Nicole, you know the best thing you can teach us is how to think for ourselves.”

What a joy to see students using their visuals to discuss their surprises, anxieties, brainstorms, stresses, happy moments, successes, “I wouldn’t do that again”, and next steps of XN with their parents during our half-way check in meetings. It’s all part of the journey!

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Mixed Expressions