“What do we mean by environment?” -@mclouter

How many times have you wished, in a moment, that you could speak the same language to (better) communicate with someone? Me? Probably about a million times…

A number of things can help or hinder our ability to effectively communicate with another person/people and my inquiry group will dive into the exploration of how multilingualism environments promote international mindedness. Before delving too deep, though, we’ll first be answering the question – “What do we mean by ‘environment’?” -M. Clouter

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll each look at different learning environments and then report back at our next meeting as well as each writing a blog post that shares our discoveries… stay tuned!

I will be taking a closer look at what single subject learning environments look like in the elementary school. I’ll be furthering my thinking whilst making observations and wondering what multilingualism looks like in these environments and comparably to my own teaching environment. In terms of what I’ve been observing elsewhere so far, I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen and appreciate the open doors! 🙂

Interested? Want to learn more about multilingualism and its impact on the learning environment? This is a good supporting document for our central idea:
Multilingual environments promote (authentic) international mindedness.

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