I sense a pattern here…

And that pattern is this…
Teaching patterns as a first mathematics concept, is brilliant…
oR… bRiLlIaNt!
WhY? wElL, iT iS aCcOmMoDaTiNg To ThE eAl LeArNeR(s) BeCaUsE iT iS sO vIsUaL aNd NoT sO rElIaNt On VeRbAl (Or EvEn WrItTeN) CoMmUnIcAtIoN sKiLlS lIkE oThEr CoNcEpTs MaY bE!

Ok, so I had to give it a rest…but you get my point! 🙂

My non-English speaker, while learning and communicating in English more and more everyday, has been able to show me their understanding of patterns since the get-go!

Teaching patterns also allows me to give feedback to all of my students in a visual way. I’ve been able to sit down and talk with them one on one about why and how things are a patterns and while some may not be able to articulate themselves verbally, like a native speaker might, students are able to show me their understandings…on paper, using manipulatives, taking photos, pointing to patterns, etc… I want to kick off my year giving the students so many opportunities to be successful and this has been an excellent math concept to be able to kick-start a year with the past two years for me…and of course my students! 🙂

Speltac patterns
Some patterns we were creating this week
Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 6.37.49 PM
Some of our patterns from last week
Our pattern inspired rainbow fish 🙂

I think Mathematics in general, is a subject that lends itself better to ESL learners because it is (and should be) a visual learning opportunity.

How do you prefer to kick-off your Mathematic explorations for the school year?

Next up, I’ll check out these games listed on this site – I’ll see how friendly they are for the EAL learner AND if they even exist 9 years later in 2016! For now, I’m onto Pinterest to help plan my introductory lesson to “number” on Monday! 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 3.42.21 PM

2 thoughts on “I sense a pattern here…”

  1. I agree that mathematics sessions can be a comfortable place for beginning English speakers. For example my new Korean students have displayed confidence and competence with the concepts we have covered so far, even though for one at least, reading is a challenge.

    1. Yes! It is great to see students who struggle in other areas, feel comfortable (and even excel!) in these sort of situations. We can expect success from the students if we don’t actually give them opportunities to achieve success!

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