Want to tell a digital story?

Hi folks,

Something I love using with kids of all ages is a digital story. Being able to tell stories with visual, audio and interactive components helps students transcend some of the limits of language in written, traditional stories.

When working with the excellent app Explain Everything Classic (iOS, Android), I like to make a collaborative story with the students providing story elements or dramatic support as a way to introduce the tool. After that, students create their own stories (or other explaining videos) using the techniques I demonstrated in the story. Although in my stories the narration is a strong focus, language learners can do much with few words in Explain Everything, having the option to add video, audio, images, motion and text to support their story elements.

Here is a collaborative digital story called Asteroid Hero, as told by me with some story elements and characters provided by students. It’s recorded during a live, 15 minute demonstration of the tools for students:

During the making of this story, I demonstrate the following tools for the students:

-Drawing, moving and resizing objects.

-Adding and cropping photos or (cc licensed) images from the internet.

-Grouping and ungrouping objects

-Arranging objects into layers

-Adding video

-Recording and fixing our mistakes

If you’re interested in learning those same things, I’ve made you this handy  “The Making of Asteroid Hero” video using Quicktime to screen record my actions on an iPad.

I’d love some feedback in the comments and especially, if you try out your own digital story in the manner, I would love to see it, hear about it, or perhaps someday even collaborate with your class for one!


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