Supporting Multilingualism through Britannica


Britannica Search in the Library

This past week my class had a really successful and interesting introduction to using Britannica on the ipads, in the library. Rachel effectively built upon her earlier lesson of searching for texts using ISPP Destiny, then going through Destiny again, we accessed Britannica.

Keeping the needs of young language learners in mind, Rachel showed us 2 really useful facilities that the students immediately accessed and reported back on with excitement. Firstly within the elementary section the articles have an icon that enables students to listen to the text being read, with the words being automatically highlighted thereby matching visual and auditory clues.

But wait there’s more…… articles accessed at reading levels 2 and 3 (middle school level) are able to be translated into dozens of languages. The students enthusiastically tried this out and were amazed to see the speed of translation. Sadly one Khmer student claimed not to be able to read her mother tongue however other students said that they could read and understand articles in their first language.

We will continue to access Britannica especially seeing how easy it is to access and how it can support both student engagement and learning. But don’t take my word for it, go ahead and check it out for yourself.


3 thoughts on “Supporting Multilingualism through Britannica”

  1. What a useful tip that Britannica translates at levels 2 and 3, I had no idea! 🙂 Too bad it doesn’t at level 1. I love the feature for reading and highlighting the words as well. The grade 3 students at our school have been researching their home countries and Britannica has definitely been a valuable tool for research.

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