Talk about talking

Although supposedly geared more towards slightly younger students, our DP Lit group found these talking points about group talk  on the Thinking Together website a great way to reflect on the value of speaking out and sharing our thinking.

Everyone agreed to disagree that “You are naturally good at talking, or not, and nothing can be done about it”, with a consensus that the quality and frequency of oral contribution and participation CAN be developed, just as the vast majority of other skills. Likewise, there was total agreement that “Everyone can learn how to be part of a learning conversation”. Of course, this is surely fundamental to “Learning together, growing together, each making a difference”. Some very interesting points were raised regarding the statement “If you share what you know out loud, other people will do better than you”, as students felt that as a learning group, our SHARED goal is to help everyone achieve their full potential. As a group, we acknowledged that inevitably, there will be a difference in academic abilities, but this should not be allowed to affect our motivation to strive towards reaching our common goal.