Inquiry Team-Spit it out

It was great to have a PD day to keep learning; and it is awesome to be one member of the Group “Spit It Out”.

“Oral interaction develops thinking and acts as a bridge to reading and writing.” We decided to use this to be our statement for the inquiry subject “Talk and engagement”.

Inquiry Questions

  • What activities motivate and promote students to use oral language?
  • How do students transfer speaking skills to reading and writing?
  • What is the relationship between oral language and accessing conceptual understanding?
 It’s come out some “First thinking” related to our inquiry questions after discussing among the team:
  • Small group discussing (less threatening)
  • Activities based on interest and experience
  • Debatable questions or something that requires consensus
  • Visual thinking routines
  • Visual representation that can be referred orally (this, that), ➡️ the use of vocabulary
  • Tool to express thinking and wondering
  • Tool to generate ideas that can be organised later in writing
  • Tool that towards linguistic complexity

Below is one of suggestions given by a peer,


OK, let’s google “Pauline Gibbons…”.

Keep it up !

2 thoughts on “Inquiry Team-Spit it out

  1. Hi Emilie,

    I am excited about this inquiry! Pauline Gibbons has written a number of books which are all in the library. Some are also available for online purchase. Your statement of inquiry is one of the big ideas in Course 3. Thanks for being such an enthusiastic participant!


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