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Inquiry Team-Spit it out

It was great to have a PD day to keep learning; and it is awesome to be one member of the Group “Spit It Out”.

“Oral interaction develops thinking and acts as a bridge to reading and writing.” We decided to use this to be our statement for the inquiry subject “Talk and engagement”.

Inquiry Questions

  • What activities motivate and promote students to use oral language?
  • How do students transfer speaking skills to reading and writing?
  • What is the relationship between oral language and accessing conceptual understanding?
 It’s come out some “First thinking” related to our inquiry questions after discussing among the team:
  • Small group discussing (less threatening)
  • Activities based on interest and experience
  • Debatable questions or something that requires consensus
  • Visual thinking routines
  • Visual representation that can be referred orally (this, that), ➡️ the use of vocabulary
  • Tool to express thinking and wondering
  • Tool to generate ideas that can be organised later in writing
  • Tool that towards linguistic complexity

Below is one of suggestions given by a peer,


OK, let’s google “Pauline Gibbons…”.

Keep it up !