How International We Are


This year I welcomed a new class from Grade 2 students studying Mandarin as a foreign language. They are very enthusiastic, all with different personalities and interests. Faced with a class full of lively and lovable children, I am thinking how I will plan my teaching for these kids, how much I can learn from them during this teaching journey.

For the first lesson, we had a free chatting to get know each other, through it I found that our kids are all little LINGUISTS! Apart from their mother tongue, they all speak another foreign language, and this year they start their third language – Mandarin with me.

The smiles and self-confidence on their faces deeply impressed and inspired me. I realized that how important our work is and how many responsibilities we have while teaching them. As an educator, I am keen to enrich my professional knowledge and enhance my professional abilities to better support them.


3 thoughts on “How International We Are

  1. You might have been impressed with your Grade 2 students Emilie, but I am equally impressed with you – that you can write so eloquently in a language other than your mother tongue.

    You’re right about our students being little linguists, and many of them have really strong foundations in their mother tongue which I hope will aid them with their learning of Mandarin. I can hardly wait to hear some of their early chatter in Mandarin!

  2. Hi Emilie,

    Thank you for your post. It is so important to have languages represented in international schools, and teachers who actively promote a healthy and confident attitude towards learning new languages. I like how you show you value the linguistic diversity in our school, which I am sure permeates your teaching!


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