Monthly Archives: August 2016

How International We Are


This year I welcomed a new class from Grade 2 students studying Mandarin as a foreign language. They are very enthusiastic, all with different personalities and interests. Faced with a class full of lively and lovable children, I am thinking how I will plan my teaching for these kids, how much I can learn from them during this teaching journey.

For the first lesson, we had a free chatting to get know each other, through it I found that our kids are all little LINGUISTS! Apart from their mother tongue, they all speak another foreign language, and this year they start their third language – Mandarin with me.

The smiles and self-confidence on their faces deeply impressed and inspired me. I realized that how important our work is and how many responsibilities we have while teaching them. As an educator, I am keen to enrich my professional knowledge and enhance my professional abilities to better support them.