Learning how to learn through asking great questions

I enjoyed reading the suggested text ‘User Generated Education’ I was immediately reminded of the time I became aware of how I could personally take control of what and how I learn. Of course, that was a few decades ago. It was odd, and it ‘s hard to describe. What I do remember is how empowered I felt about being able to take charge of my own learning.

While reading the article, I wondered – if learning is innate to our being, beginning in the womb of the mother, how important is it that we have the ‘cognisant‘ when we are learning?  Oodles of research explain and prove that we are learning from the day we are born.

The article talks about asking essential questions. What does that look like then in and EY classroom? For sure, you won’t hear little Emma come to you and ask “How does gravity influence bodies of water?” But what you might find is that the question they ask is often hidden in their non-verbal actions while interacting with play.

Next time you visit an EY classroom take a moment to observe a child playing with water or in the sand pit. Their questions are not verbal, but they are definitely visible.

water play

IMG_9436 IMG_9439

bike on hill3


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