Visuals to Support Understanding

Earlier this year Karyn Templeton posted about the importance of using ‘common language’ to support our language learners.  She used the example of Gecko’s Choice.

In addition to the importance of using ‘common language’, visual support can also benefit not only our language learners but also our students who are not yet reading.

With the support of Adam Gibbard and the drawing skills of a secondary student, visuals have now been added to the Gecko’s Choice poster, making it more accessible to all students.


6 thoughts on “Visuals to Support Understanding”

  1. So true, visuals used in class help the students tremendously. Classrooms often overlook the fact that we need to cater for all kinds of learners. Having a student help make the visuals on Gecho’s Choice poster makes it even more impressive!

  2. I love this Dee! Visuals are a great way to support student understanding. This sounds like an awesome way to get students used to common language. I agree with Niels. The fact that a student helped to create the poster is inspiring for all learners.

  3. Oh looky, looky! Some comments! 🙂
    I think the new Gecko’s Choice wheel is great and it’s been a great way to bring up and help students in my class remember the different ways to solve problems!
    Thanks for hooking us up! 🙂

    1. Thanks Melinda. That’s great that it has engaged your students, someone else mentioned the other day that the visuals got their students engaged and talking about it.

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