Personalized Learning for Students Requires Personalized Learning for Teachers

The G1 team have chosen to work together alongside the EAL teachers and the LS teacher to support each other in their professional learning. Kelly Martin’s reading suggests working/ learning collaboratively “with others who have shared mindsets,  goals, challenges and are solution oriented can provide powerful learning opportunities and build teacher efficacy.”

Collaboration in Action

We are at the initial stages of our planning and walkthroughs/ observations of each  other will be incorporated as a means to support our practice and, in turn, student performance. There is also the opportunity to sort feedback from our students.

Our team goal is to incorporate a variety of EAL strategies to enrich the literacy programme and further develop students’ language.

2 thoughts on “Collaboration”

  1. Nice! I love reading about how teams collaborate and “move the needle” towards growth and further learning for all involved, students and teachers.

    Don’t forget the great resource bank from Gini Rojas 🙂

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