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    I was on Facebook as usual and saw an interesting post about ‘Brain-writing’. According to Google search “Brain-writing is an alternative method to brainstorming that tries to encourage more uniform parti […]

    • Hi Monica,

      Thanks for this post and for showing how you used this brilliant strategy in your classroom! I suppose a variation to this is using Padlets. My aim of using these in the courses is to get a quick overview of everyone’s ideas. I like this strategy for ELLs because it gives them time to put an answer together.


  • Monica wrote a new post, #FantasticFive, on the site Monica's Blog 1 year, 5 months ago

    There are four main Key-Concepts (Identity, Aesthetics, Change, and Communication) in MYP Arts. Some of them are specific, while some of them are conceptual to teach students especially in Grade 6 and 7 or English […]

    • So am I, Monica. I love the depth of this inquiry. It goes beyond just acknowledging the different languages and cultures in the school. Just translation is not enough. Would it be an idea to involve the learners and perhaps parents in finding appropriate texts in the home language? Can’t wait to see what strategies you guys come up with!

  • When I first went to an international school, there had been two words I could not understand; ‘identity’ and ‘reflection’. These words tend to be abstract, vague and most importantly, there is no literal transla […]

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