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  • How are we going to share our learning with the faculty?

  • After the Elementary workshop with Kath Murdoch in April 2016, the Grade 3 team were inspired to develop a time for personalised inquiry which would run alongside our PYP units of inquiry.  Members of the team r […]

    • Wow- from SPELTAC angst to true reflective practice and documenting for learning! I love how you bring all these resources together to inquire into how you can improve learning for your ELLs. I will be reading the chapter you suggest in Kath’s book. I’m also excited to read connecting on SPELTAC has inspired you to get students connecting (that was a secret aim of SPELTAC :). Thanks for sharing- I look forward to reading how this develops.

    • What intrigues me Michelle is the endless possibilities for communication. That, and how much more wonderful this is for our Elementary kids who are so open to experiences. I would love to see their blogs. You said: “Allowing students to connect through their personal inquiries on the blog will take time, as Grade 3 is the 1st year that students have their own personal blog. ” In fact, the e-world (if I may) is a constant adjustment for all of us! There is so much diversity and possibility in not only blogs but websites, apps and personal video. I think we need to encourage kids in their ideas and help them express themselves for the use of these tools. When I taught TOK with Simon , Edwin, Mike B and Charles, we had a blog space for G12 students to share and respond about the ideas of the week. It was inspiring to see what they thought about – and we could see that they had learned how to hold a mature respectful exchange of ideas. And it is great to see what you are up to in Grade 3 by the way.

    • I am interested in how you have all worked together as a team to really use a strategy that Kath Murdoch suggests in your Grade. I wonder if you will maintain the personal projects through the year, and how they will evolve as the year progresses? I also wonder how the children share their findings and understandings with each other and with the world? Thanks for sharing.

  • So, I’m sat here panicking about SPELTAC and what it means.  My first thoughts are what do the workshop leaders want to see?  What shall I write about?  I hope no-one thinks I don’t know what I’m talking about!   […]

    • It’s nice to know I am not the only one feeling like this 🙂 I hadn’t thought about the fact that this is how our students must be feeling all the time. I need to remind myself that we are all on a learning journey (like our students) even though I often feel that there is an expectation that as the teacher we should be experts.

    • Hi Michelle,

      You are right, it is putting ourselves in our students’ shoes. We tell them to blog, we say it is good for their writing skills to write for a real audience, after all -we want them to be real writers! It’s all true, but it is putting yourself out there and I think it’s an expectation we often don’t think about. I am excited to read my colleagues putting themselves out there. Like Maria mentioned, there is an expectation that we should all be experts. But I find the whole idea of acknowledging that we are all on a learning journey, liberating. That’s the kind of environment we want our students to grow in, so let’s join them in that. Thank you for putting yourself out there!

    • Oh Michelle, I’m sorry you had those anxieties! At the end of the day, you’re a great teacher, we know that, so whatever you have to say has value!
      Blog, don’t stress, and let your mind just flow onto the (metaphorical) page. No pressure! 🙂

  • Catherine, I enjoyed reading your post. I agree that it it difficult but would be wonderful to, “create an English Language and Literature classroom environment that draws on ALL the language knowledge and experiences.” An idea that came to mind was asking students to share books from authors of their home countries rather than books translated…[Read more]

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