• Tina might start EY assembly and invite different people to join and visit and watch – empower the students in EY!
    What about no grades for SS students until the end of the year? Then there’s a focus on FEEDBACK other than a grade and the FEEDBACK must be used for a student to improve – there wouldn’t be any surprises if they USED the feedback…which they don’t now!
    The decorations/art that Matt will do, will integrate Khmer culture like water buffaloes – a great start!
    Icons for buildings instead of names (A, B, C, etc).
    Back to assemblies – audience participation and we NEED to get it away from JUST ANNOUNCEMENTS in SS.
    Chelsea will discuss with SC how they advertise assemblies – they run it so they need to ramp it up!
    The spirit/joy that we feel is missing, could come back with more interactive assemblies! GET SC ON BOARD!