• Can we have signage around in multiple language?
    Matt is doing some projects here during WWW and will do some Khmer art with kids.
    How can we pimp the library?
    Dress-up/traditional costumes in knowledge centre to help students tune.
    Language week – no talking, involve cultures, speak mother tongue language all day – Maude has joined our group! WELCOME! NOT JUST LANGUAGE BUT ALSO CULTURE!
    Everyone participates – parents, nannies everyone
    Ask students to teach a FL class to students that was pre-decided.
    Using icons/gestures/movement/customs/dances
    How can we use assembly time to celebrate diversity/multilingualism?
    How can we use the post-grading time of a unit better – can we celebrate multilingualism sometime?
    We discussed grades vs. effort – how can we reward students for their efforts and NOT their achievements on a test?!
    How are students held accountable for achieving our international mindedness statement?
    Students are so focused on grades – how can we move away from this?
    “Language Week – It’s not just about words anymore!” OR
    “International Mindedness Week”
    How can we better use assemblies to spread international mindedness and multilingualism?
    Maude’s gonna encourage her 6th & 7th Graders to present at the assembly.