• Thanks so much Kath! My class and I are all very excited about the learning journey that we have taken on with Twitter. We’re eager to learn more about the world – and enjoying learning together 🙂

  • Paula, I was blown away by your incredibly kind words and actually blushed reading it!! It’s a real eye opener to realise that by embarking on this Twitter adventure I have become part of a global community. I was, as I told you, “just lurking”, but the many colleagues that inspire me every day with their creative and adventurous ideas are the…[Read more]


    The Grade 1 team have chosen to work alongside the EAL teachers and the LS teacher to support each other in their professional learning. Our focus group’s goal is: Incorporate a variety of EAL st […]

  • Great post Karyn – Was great to chat to you about this the other day! It is really interesting how we look at things through different languages. Even you and I found a common ground with Maori being more logical in counting than English – ten and one = tekau ma tahi, ten and two = tekau ma rua and so on. English is confusing and at times…[Read more]

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    Great post Courtney. I think a lot of us feel the way that you do about having to put ourselves out their and share our ideas and reflections. I am always amazed at how resilient students can be, especially when thrown into a situation that for them is completely out of their comfort zone. Let our learning journey begin 🙂

  • I like everything to be the way it should be. However, I know for a fact that I’m a terrible speller and couldn’t live without that very helpful little red line that highlights my computer page as I type. Does […]

    • Thanks for sharing Kelly. It is great that your students are being given these helpful words of wisdom so young in their educational journey. I wish I had a teacher when I was younger who encouraged me to see that learning from our mistakes could be a beautiful thing.

    • I love this quote of yours: “it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake; your friends still play with you … and you probably made someone laugh in the process”. Out of the mouths of babes! What a great perspective! It is definitely something that I need to remember – to never take myself so seriously that I cannot laugh at my own mistakes.

    • Thank you, Kelly for sharing! Sometime even grown ups need to be reminded that it’s ok to make mistakes.

    • What a great way to explain it to little people! Our children have to face a lot of challenges in Grade 1 and the ELLS have to deal with the foreign language anxiety. We all learn better when we are happy and relaxed. If our students understand early that mistakes are our stepping stones and our path to knowledge, they will become risk-takers and curious learners.
      Thanks Kelly!

    • Love this book too Kelly. Part of the Essential Agreement students came up with was “mistakes make magic.” I agree as teachers sharing our mistakes with students is really powerful in their learning. Thank you for sharing and that quote from the child is just beautiful!

    • A great post Kelly. That student is wise beyond their years. I hope they keep that mindset throughout their life.

    • I also love Beautiful Oops, what a wonderful connection to make so students feel know it’s ok to make mistakes… it’s how we learn 🙂 Sometimes, I think it can be difficult to explain to parents the importance of letting their children make mistakes and not have everything spelled perfectly, perfect grammar, etc. in a published or finished piece. A lot of this is cultural, do you find that similar obstacle at ISPP?

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