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    I have explored with reading on a Kindle. I found the benefits being that the books are cheaper and when living overseas I have access to a wider range of literature. I think these are two great advantages of ebook or reading online. I read a lot on my Kindle but after a while I stopped and haven’t gone back. I like to turn the pages, highlight,…[Read more]

  • There have been two articles that I have read over the past year that I have often returned to and thought about. I haven’t linked the two together until now. I am trying to do this thought the lens of my inquiry […]

    • Hi Courtney,
      A lot of reflection going on. You are not the first person to ask, Do we ask our students to write too much? Or Do I talk too much? Or Do I give my students enough wait time for them to process information?

      I wonder often, Do we do too much full stop? Are we expecting too much from our students and not giving them enough time to really consolidate their learning.

  • My inquiry group is looking at ways to use more visual strategies in our teaching. We want to give EAL students to opportunity to connect through images or movement without always needed to rely on verbal […]

    • I would love to build on this with your kids in music. Do you still have these words up in your room? I will drop by for a look.

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    Looks good. I am looking forward to hearing how the went when we meet next.

  • From walking around the school and seeing everyones Twitter posts I have really noticed people promoting students mother tongue in their classrooms. I havn’t done this enough in my classroom and want to find […]

    • Thanks Courtney for sharing how you have been inspired to promote your learners to use and celebrate their mother tongue. I like how you made the activity authentic and simple, allowing them to take pictures to clearly share their words with others.

    • It’s inspiring to see so many teachers making a point of inviting the home language in. From a grade 2 class to a Design Technology class, everyone is thinking about it. As I go in and out of classrooms, it’s hard not to notice the positive affect this has on the children, too. I have now seen it transform from an idea on paper to many different examples in the school. Exciting stuff! Thanks for sharing!

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    I try to know my student’s language and cultural backgrounds. They are not all straightforward and almost impossible to label the students simply into categories of EAL and non-EAL. For many students in my class […]

    • Hi Courtney, a great example of how linguistically diverse our student body is and that it is never straight-forward. So many factors to consider, native speaker or not. It’s great to see educators like yourself are really taking time to understand the language profiles of their students. Thank you!

    • This is super interesting. In Sweden, where my kids are going back to eventually they would be on a second language basis when it comes to reading and writing but orally they are fluent. Because of their Swedish nationality and the oral skills they will not be eligible for Swedish as a second language. Which essentially is the kind of tutoring they would need… Do we have the same “problem” here?

  • A great post Kelly. That student is wise beyond their years. I hope they keep that mindset throughout their life.

  • Great post, I have often wondered about my class blog and what it is the parents want to see. Do they want to see a lot of photos of their child at school, a lot of text about current curriculum a bit of both? I also wonder how I can get more parent involvement with comments on the blog. When you add non-English speaking or limited English…[Read more]

  • I saw you creating your new door display last week and was quite inspired by it.

  • I think your idea to get reading lists for parents is excellent. I love reading to children, I love hearing their response to the text, the giggles, the anticipation of what will happen next and the eagerness to keep reading ‘just one more page’. Taking the time to read with children, regardless of their age is priceless. I am looking forward to…[Read more]

  • I judged Twitter way too fast. I didn’t understand it, didn’t see how it could possibly help my professional development and thought it was really just for people who had a lot of confidence to post photos of how […]

    • What a great visual – I recognise I don’t use many of these things but do find it a great way of learning from each other and connecting with the wider world. Really enjoyed your post and the way as a team we are starting to use Twitter to share ideas and reflections. These conversations within the school are very powerful for collaboration – the other morning you shared something on Twitter and it took my lesson that day in a different focus.

    • Very honest reflection. I am not 100% sold on Twitter myself. Maybe I need to lurk more and find some educational Twitter’s to follow. Thank-you

    • Thank you for your personal reflection. I used to have the same point of view. Slowly by slowly, I changed my mind too. I am happy to have a chance to read your own tweet as we do not chat so often at ISPP because of being busy, so far from each other… Now, I will know better your teaching strategies.
      Thanks again+ I am looking forward to reading you very soon!

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    I am new to blogging and new to writing my reflections and ideas. This does not come naturally to me and definitely puts me outside of my own comforts.

    I then think about one of my new students, who started […]

    • So true!! We all have to model what we teach! I am not a risk-taker by nature, English is my second language and I think both factors help me in choosing the right strategies for my ELLs. Sharing my own experiences with my students makes bonding quick and easy. Most importantly my students believe that if I could do it, they will be able to do it too and I am always there to support them.
      Thanks Courtney.

      • I love that you bring that personal element into your teaching with ELL every day, Tatiana. You true mastery of the English language as an additional language must be encouraging to our ELL – especially if you treat them to Russian from time-to-time!

        • Thanks Paula! Yes, our students are lucky to have teachers from so many different cultures, I often try to share mine with them and also learn from my kids.

    • Hi Courtney,
      I love your post – I too am new to blogging and this form of reflecting is like you, out of my comfort zone. Teachers are no different to their students when it comes to learning – just some of us need more scaffolding than others.

    • Great post Courtney. I think a lot of us feel the way that you do about having to put ourselves out their and share our ideas and reflections. I am always amazed at how resilient students can be, especially when thrown into a situation that for them is completely out of their comfort zone. Let our learning journey begin 🙂

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