Celebrating Linguistic and Cultural Diversity

At the beginning of each school year I wonder what my class would be  like. How diverse will they be? Will I have a big class or small class? Will my students be the risks-takers that I hope they will  be? What kind of learning experiences are there to be made? Will it be another amazing learning journey just like the previous  school year?

A little over three weeks ago we started school. I found out that I have a linguistically and culturally diverse group of students.  And, yes, it is a big class! My students also happened to be risk-takers! So, I know for sure it is going to be another amazing learning journey.

Then I started thinking how best to celebrate diversity in my class.  I know it’s not something that will happen overnight but it will happen. I envision a celebration that will  go through an  organic progression. To begin our linguistic and cultural celebration

  • Everyone uses their mother tongue to greet each other in the morning.
  • We use different languages to say the word goodbye in our end of the day song.

There are 12 different languages spoken by teachers and students combined in our class.


4 thoughts on “Celebrating Linguistic and Cultural Diversity

  1. Using each other’s mother tongue to greet and farewell each other is a simple but great way to acknowledge and celebrate the students’ and teachers’ diversity. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Carina,

    I really like the ways in which you started celebrating each other’s diversity and cultures! I’ve always struggled to find a way to do this in kindergarten, when student’s are not reading and writing (my thinking was very narrow and I assumed the best way to integrate different cultures was through books and environmental print). Having student’s begin and end each day using their mother tongue such a simple and yet effective way to celebrate diversity!
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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