Celebrating language diversity with student read-alouds


During Book Week, to celebrate the many languages in our class, a home learning task is for each student to bring in a favorite book and read a few pages in his/her mother tongue before giving a brief summary in English. Last year this activity was very successful as students proudly read to the class.

Another idea, inspired by the post, “The Class’s Translator” on https://joriseal.wordpress.com/, but using books, rather than videos,  a student could read a page (or two) of a picture book before asking his/her peers to translate it. Then, the mother tongue reader can translate the page(s) to the class who then check with what they thought was said.

When students are given the opportunity to “show off” their bilingual or multilingual abilities they will not only feel valued but will see themselves as linguistically talented!

adapted from Dr. Jim Cummins, Reykjavik 2015, quoted on https://joriseal.wordpress.com/

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