Blogging – A tool for language learners

I have been reading blog posts created by my EAL student.

Each week this student writes blog posts about an activity or task he has completed during the week. Looking through his blog I can clearly see his confidence increasing and language developing.

When setting up his blog a few months ago he needed a lot of support. He wrote many of his initial ideas in his mother tongue. He then started writing in his mother tongue, translating and posting on his blog.

In recent weeks he has chosen to write in English on a Google doc, edit and and then post. He often uses sentences starters or answers simple questions to guide his writing.

I am so pleased with his progress and believe one of the tools which is helping him is creating these blog posts to share with classmates.

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Benefits of Blogging  – Blogging for English-Language learners by Rusul Alrubail

  • Provides an opportunity for reflection by students
  • Opens up student writing to a wider audience
  • Provides an opportunity to practice writing and communication skills
  • Builds a learning support community
  • Empowers student voice
  • Provides a platform for peer feedback


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  1. Nothing delights me more than seeing beginner EAL students progress. Initially it can be frustrating and then suddenly it clicks. Imagine how wonderful it will be for this student to see his progress in years to come- where he started and where he got to. That is why I love blogs. They document learning and celebrate it too!

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