Using timelines to organize thinking

I have been reading about visual thinking strategies and want to try a few in the coming week with my class.

One that will be very helpful is creating timelines of the leaders we are researching. This will be helpful for my beginner EAL student and all students in the class.

The students can create a time line of their leaders life and note important events. This will help them to organize their jot notes and understand how events in a persons life affect later choices.

I will post pictures of the timelines we create next week and reflect on their usefulness.

It may look something like this .. but simpler language for my beginner EAL student …


Link on our SPELTAC site –

ReadWriteThink: Creating Timelines of a Life

Here teachers will find a well-planned lesson designed to guide students in creating a timeline about the life of a famous person. Students are shown how to explore multiple sources to gather information about their subject, and then they use an online “timeline tool” to organize their data.


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  1. anita mathur says:

    I really like this idea Alison. I wondered about using this as a way for students to also “map” events in a story.

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