Morning greetings in other languages

When my beginner EAL student comes into the classroom he is often defensive. He lays face down in a cushion and seems exhausted before the day even begins.

This morning I used ideas from other teachers blogs to help my student feel empowered and engaged in morning greetings.

He taught us a few simple words in Finnish and the students greeted each other, shook hands and inquired as to how people were feeling.

Such a simple activity to start the day with such a positive result.

E was laughing at our attempts to pronounce tricky words in Finnish and helped us speak with the correct accent. Lots of laughs and smiles to start the day.

Next week we will do the same with other languages spoken in our class.




3 Responses to “Morning greetings in other languages”

  1. Some beginners are open to all your efforts and try to work with you as best they can to access what’s going on. Understandably, some are defensive and unhappy. It’s often a matter of trying what works. I like how this blog post shows how you managed to find something that worked for this little boy. Such a great example of empathy for a beginner EAL student and turning it into a multilingual experience for all. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have used this idea in the class as well Alison for taking the register. We have chosen a new good morning language every week so that we get to practice the words and feel confident in using them. This strategy promotes international mindedness, values student’s mother tongue, makes students feel proud of their language and it is a fun way to start the morning. They have to be risk takers to have a go, but by the end of the week are smiling, successful and a little more confident! It also shows them that their teacher is a life long learner as well as I struggle to pronounce the words correctly or need reminding what to say. Love it!

  3. deesmith says:

    Something so simply, yet so powerful. Thanks for sharing Alison.

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