Engaging EAL learners through role play

This week I have been trying to find ways to engage my beginner EAL student in learning activities.

I have found he enjoys role play and have used this twice to involve him in the class activity and increase his enthusiasm.

He worked with a small group creating and performing a simple role play showing one of the rules of iPad use in the classroom.


My beginner EAL student also enjoyed Readers theatre.

We select a suitable role for him and then he works with Mr Wathana to understand the play and the main vocabulary before the class start practicing. He is then confident when he needs to speak and follows the script so he knows when it is his turn to perform.

This week he played Carlos – a student at Space camp and had 4 sets of lines. His lines involved him moving high, low, sideways and back in a space craft simulator.

He smiled throughout his performance and received a big round of applause from his supportive classmates after he said his lines.



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